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Michael Birkby


I have painted in watercolour and oil for many years but have only just started using acrylics – thanks to Sefton Artists – progress at last…

Contact : info@seftonartists.co.uk

Robert F Joy

I have had a keen interest in art from a very early age, particularly in drawing. Around ten years ago I began to paint, trying various mediums and subjects, finally favouring Watercolour to enhance my drawing skills.

I also enjoy sketching in Liverpool where there is so much history and so many stories behind all those wonderful buildings.

Chris Hughes

I draw using soft pastels and coloured pencils enjoying the very direct contact with the colour and the paper. I try to represent the natural environment, creating an abstract image or a simple representation of colour and form rather than a realistic picture

Jackie Sawyer

I hadn`t done any art since leaving school so I did an art class to learn how to us the acrylic paints my sister had bought me.

Although I favour the acrylic medium I do like to explore other mediums as well as a variety of topics when creating my art.

Contact : info@seftonartists.co.uk


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John West

I paint in watercolour because I love the transparency of the medium and the way the paint behaves. I paint landscapes in a loose way and feel that watercolour, because of its fluidity, lends itself to the partial statement which suits my practice.


Joan Bibby

I enjoy ink drawing with a little watercolour paint to  finish  and for landscapes I use acrylic paint and watercolour for painting flowers.

Contact : info@seftonartists.co.uk

Frank Clarke

I’ve been painting for approximately ten years, mostly using acrylic, pen and wash and water colour mediums and producing land/sea/cityscapes, portraits and pop art

Anne Wilson

My paintings are inspired by my observations of my local environment.

I enjoy painting the Sefton coast, woodlands. wildflower meadows and the wonderful landscapes & seascapes of our area. I paint exclusively in Acrylics.

Lelia Howarth

is an award winning wildlife artist who is inspired by nature. As an artist she aspires to be unique in her approach. She places an equal importance on the meaning behind the work as well as the subject matter.  Over time she has become increasing influenced by the spirituality involved in her paintings.  Lelia works in a range of mediums and is constantly experimenting with new techniques to express her creativity.

Jo Ainsworth


I am still searching for my preferred medium so for now I enjoy working with a wide range including watercolour, acrylic, pastel, graphite, water mixable oil and silk painting. I love to experiment with paint and find it exciting to see how colours and textures interact with each other.

Contact : info@seftonartists.co.uk


Carole Bradburn

As an artist I am working hard to develop my paintings.

I express myself in a free and gestural way.

I use mainly acrylics.

My inspiration comes from local architecture and still life.

Contact : info@seftonartists.co.uk

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Brian Ackerley

I was interested in art from a young age at school but then went through life and didn’t think about it much and never had the time anyway, until 3 years ago when I joined Sefton Artists.

I have become interested in painting all animals and birds with the medium acrylics.


Contact : info@seftonartists.co.uk


Anne Halliwell

My interest in Art began at school, where they put my painting of the School Coat of Arms over the stage, that was a proud moment.

Work and family took over with a little time for fine cross stitch work until my eye sight deteriorated. 15 years ago I took a course in Watercolour and I am now enjoying Acrylics.

Contact : info@seftonartists.co.uk

Jane Hunt

I have only been painting a couple of years, so most of my work is still experimental!

Contact : info@seftonartists.co.uk

I love bright colours and textures, acrylic paint is the medium which allows me to be colourful and spontaneous!

Recently I have been experimenting with abstract painting which has given me new inspiration!

Veronica Haimes


Retired architect, now enjoying sketching and painting in a freer, semi-abstract style, from in situ preliminary sketches and photographs.


Contact : info@seftonartists.co.uk

If you would like to contact one of our artists individually about a painting then please email us at


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