Many thanks to everyone who supported the Sefton Open. It was a fantastic exhibition enjoyed by many.
We open our new Wayfarers Exhibition
on Friday 10th May till 2nd June.
Please keep checking our social media for more details.
Hope to see you there

Out of the Woods by Judy McAdam

Burst of Spring by Veronica Haimes

Thirlmere by Mike Birkby

Santorini memories by Frank Clarke

Robin Hoods Bay by Jo Ainsworth

Beach Walk by Dave Morgan

Blowing in the wind by Anne Wilson

Blue Moment by Karin Taylor

Beach Storm Ainsdale by Karin Taylor

Lord Street flowers by Anne Wilson

Odyssey #1 by Karin Taylor

Rainbow by Dave Morgan

2. Poppy by Norma Schofield

Owl on a tree stump by Jo Ainsworth

Quiet Sailing Loch Awe By John West

The wild one by Frank Clarke

The Dwerry House by Mike Birkby

The Dwerry House by Mike Birkby

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Bugatti at Monaco by Roy Filby

Giraffes by Patricia Statter

Hedgerow Tangle by Judy McAdam

Flamingos by Roy Filby

Stormy Landudno by Patricia Statter

1. View from Afar by Norma Schofield

Resting lions by Patricia Statter

Hard a Port by Roy Filby

Hesketh Park Bluebells by Anne Wilson

Clouds by Dave Morgan

Sunflowers by Jo Ainsworth

2. Blea Tarn, Langdales by Norma Schofield

Solitude By John West

Bird Song #1 by Jennifer Puckett

Bird Song #2 by Jennifer Puckett

Iron Men by Jennifer Puckett


Prairie Storm Approaching by John West

Parisian twilight by Frank Clarke

The Winding Wharfe by Mike Birkby

Lucky 7 by Veronica Haimes

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